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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. is proud to announce its appointment as sole agent of Power Tools in Saudi Arabia.
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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co.   New Factory in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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SAK & Ennis Flint would like to thank and appreciate all our customers, clients and partners for visiting at Gulf Traffic Exhibition - Dubai...
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PPW Injection Packers
  • How to combine packers and accessory equipments
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Injection Packers

High-pressure packers for concrete injections.

All injection packers are fitted with low-pressure cone-head nipples suitable both for low pressure and high-pressure operation. Since they are unscrewed in any case prior to the injection process, cone-head nipples are added unassembled to each box of injection-packers.
Injection packer 1013 is suitable for particularly high pressures. It is especially suitable for small cracks or should be used when drilling would cause damage, e.g. for tiles and stones.

(Article Number : 98555/6)
13 mm dia. overall length 70mm,
thread M6, nipple thread M6
(Article Number : 98557/2)
13 mm dia. overall length 115 mm,
thread M6, nipple thread M6

Adhesion Packers
1130 (Oval)
(Article Number : 98560/6)
Made of aluminum, size 50x100 mm, without nipple,
with thread M8 x 1, weight approx. 24g
1140 (Round)
(Article Number : 98559/8)
Made of aluminum, 48mm diameter with thread M8 x 1, without nipple,
weight approx. 13g.

Low-pressure cone-head nipples NK
The low pressure cone-head nipple is suitable for all PPW injection packers for low pressure and high pressure. Problems could be caused by the nipple opening of the injection packer being positioned vertically or at a slanting towards the top, and viscous injection resin being used at the same time. In this case we would recommend using cone-head nipples for high pressure.


1013NK (Article number : 98561/4) M6 for drill hole packer 1013 + extension tube 1145 (Article number : 98562/2) M6 for drill hole packer 1013 + extension tube 1145
(Article number: 98565/5) M8 x 1 for adhesion packers 1130 + 1140 (Article Number : 98564/8) M8 x 1 for adhesion packers 1130 + 1140 /td>

Nipple Gripper
(Article Number : 98567/1)
(Article Number : 98568/9)