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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. is proud to announce its appointment as sole agent of Power Tools in Saudi Arabia.
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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co.   New Factory in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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SAK & Ennis Flint would like to thank and appreciate all our customers, clients and partners for visiting at Gulf Traffic Exhibition - Dubai...
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Elastomeric Bridge Bearings:

Elastomeric bridge bearings are designed and manufactured by Trelleborg in accordance with the European standard EN 1337-3.

Since 2005 the European standard EN 1337-3 has applied to elastomeric bearings for architectural and civil-engineering applications. Besides the functional requirements, the standard describes the design rules, the material properties, the production tolerances and the acceptance tests.

The type of bearing will need to be determined for each support point in accordance with the functional requirements. Small spans can usually suffice with conventional laminated structural bearings: rectangular or circular. Larger spans may require bearings with complementary bearing devices.

The design calculations will be made based on the functional requirements and the type of bearing selected. The allowable surface pressure and the area available largely determine the length and width of the bearing.

The thickness of the rubber layer depends on the rotation to be absorbed. The expected horizontal movements strongly influence the thickness of the total rubber package.

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Elastomeric Bridge Bearings brochure