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Ennis Flint Traffic Safety Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of road marking products and road safety solutions in the world. Innovative product technology, total quality control and a skilled experienced workforce have made Ennis Flint the leading specialist in Road and Airfield markings, Traffic safety products, Anti-skid, Colored and Decorative surfacing, Bridge expansion joints, Jointing, Sealing & Crack repair systems. Ennis Flint is committed to product quality.

All products are manufactured to an ISO 9001:2008 quality system and within an ISO 14001 environmental discipline.
Ennis Flint products and systems can be applied by in-house contracting resources, or a world-wide network of experienced independent contractors.

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  1. Road Markings
    Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA)
    Preformed Thermoplastic
    Revolutionary temporary road marking

  2. Road Studs
    Stimsonite - Road studs have proved in trials and installations to hold 100% retention
  3. Surface safety Solutions

  4. High Friction Surfacing
    Hot Applied Systems
    Cold Applied Systems

  5. Coloured & Decorative Surfacing

  6. Bridge Exp Joints, Sealants, Melters, Pre-heater

    Bridge expansion joints
    Sealing and crack repair systems
    Joint Sealants and Overseal Banding
    Thormaseal Tropical A Grade
    Rapid Road Repair