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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. Factory, Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
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Crest Environmental Services Co. Ltd:

Crest Environmental Services Ltd. is one of the most competitive contractors in the International Decommissioning Industry, i.e. oil refineries & refinery units, process plants, chemical plants, power stations, tank farms and large storage tanks, structures and chimneys. A Joint Venture company, Crest Environmental Services Ltd. was formed in 2005 with SAK to provide its services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Crest have unrivalled expertise in tank and vessel cleaning and pioneered non-man entry cleaning processes which reduce downtime and significantly improve safety.  Crest specializes in the field of ultra high pressure solutions to civil engineering, petro-chemicals and industrial clients. Crest uses the worlds renowned DDT Pigging System from De-scaling, Decoking Technology Inc., which is the most advance system for decoking fired heaters. As a successful company, Crest is dependent upon creating a competent workforce with the necessary skills, training and experience to meet customer requirements. We ensure that all our employees, at every level, are trained in all aspects of their trade ensuring a safe and efficient service.



Specialist UHP Water Jetting Services
Boiler Cleaning Services
Tank Cleaning
Catalyst Recharging Services
Industrial Cleaning Services
Service Station Demolition