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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. Factory, Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
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E-Z Pour Melters
E-Z Pour 50 Melter / Applicator is designed for small job applications such as parking lots, traffic loops, or bituminous marker adhesive. The compact size of the E-Z Pour 50 will allow you to tow it with a mini pickup truck if desired (propane only).

Featuring one-hour heat-up time handles field mix or packaged material and heats and applies all hot pour sealant. Precision engineering and construction make it trouble-free and safe to operate with the lowest operating cost in the industry. Safety features include a splash-proof lid, curb side controls and a low profile for easy sealant loading. The E-Z Pour is a flush-free clean-up system requiring no solvents.
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E-Z Series II Melter / Applicators
E-Z Series II Melter / Applicators - The EZ Series II internal heat tower and heat jacket fins provide the highest heat efficiency ratio and the fastest heat up time of any machine on the market. The EZ Series II also comes equipped with electronic controls and modular design features making it the highest efficiency machine available. Automatic electronic controls add to the usability of the Series II. The EZ Series II offers heated or unheated applicator hose options, the largest commercial air compressor as well as such labor saving options as the autoloader and integrated engine gauges. The heat jacket fins and the heat tower coupled with the best insulation provide a fast heat-up and recovery time. A two inch rugged sealant pump coupled with true on demand pumping give the Series II the ability to apply hot pour, fiber and coal tar sealants quickly and efficiently. Download Info:

Super Shot Melter / Applicators
Super Shot Melter: - The Crafco Super Shot series melter/applicators represent the most technologically advanced melter/applicators available. These state-of-the-art machines offer the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. The digital control features of this equipment accurately control and regulate the heating temperature of the sealant and transfer oil. The patented internal pumping system requires no clean out and features a hydraulic flow rate adjustment. The internal pump only operates when the operator activates the micro-switch on the applicator wand. With “On Demand” pumping there are no valves, fewer moving parts and no hose pressure build up. Super Shot melters will out-perform any comparable sized machine available. Crafco offers a one-year warranty, more options and greater safety, making these machines the greatest value with the highest productivity of any melter.

Engineered Efficiency: Crafcos Super Shot engineered pump is mounted inside the melter eliminating material recirculation, outside plumbing and high-pressure lines, which decreases pump wear. By eliminating the need for recirculation the pump runs only when material application is needed, making this an œon-demand system which increases pump life and operator safety. Additionally, an internally mounted pump requires no packing, eliminating maintenance. Less maintenance in the shop means more production on the job, more profit and less costs.

Engineered Options and Features: Standard Engineered Features make the operation of these melters the safest and the easiest machines to operate. Many of the other features reduce labor and operating costs. The most impressive are the Super Shot Melter Engineered Options. Design the machine you want with these options. Add an optional industrial air compressor and save the cost of running an additional engine and tow vehicle. With over 20 available options you will save time, money and manpower.

There are three sizes to choose from:-

  • Super Shot 60 is a 60-gallon capacity unit, which features automatic digital controls. It is propane fired, with a heated hose and wand. This machine is designed for used on projects under 2,000 pounds of sealant per day. The Super Shot 60 is also available as a skid mount.
  • Super Shot 125 DC - The mid-sized 125 gallon capacity offers the best versatility. Ideal for mid to large sized projects, this unit is diesel powered available with an optional compressor or a labor saving Auto Loader.
  • Super Shot 250 - The oversized 250-gallon is designed for large projects. This machine will out-perform any melter in its class and is available with many standard options.
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Mini Melter 30 / Mini Melter 10
The Mini Melter 30 is an air jacketed, hand agitated 30 gallon capacity sealant melter and dispenser that can be used in conjunction with the Mini Melter 10 or the Crafco Pour Pot with Wheels.

The Mini Melter 10 is a hand agitated 10 gallon capacity melter/applicator that will melt sealant for application in approximately thirty minutes. The wheeled melter easily follows random cracks for efficient crack sealing.
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Patcher - The diesel Crafco Patcher is a double boiler that is digitally controlled to assure that material temperatures are held within specification ranges at all times. A swivel material delivery chute makes placing material fast and easy. To clean out, load the machine with dry aggregate - run agitator and empty - it's that easy. All machines are equipped with a safety shutoff on the lid to prevent injury during operation. Available in a one ton (Patcher I) and two ton (Patcher II) configuration. These machines are specifically designed to heat and apply TechCrete and PolyPatch patching material.
The Patcher Series Melter is available in two sizes:-

o The Patcher I is designed for smaller patching tasks and is powered by propane fueled Kohler engine.

o The Patcher II for large volume easily handles extensive production output utilizing a hydraulic drive mechanism powered by a single cylinder, diesel fueled engine.
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Model 200 Pavement Cutter:

Model 200 Pavement Cutter The Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter has been the industry standard for twenty-five years. There is no other Pavement Cutter that can match the quality, reliability, long term performance and features of the Crafco Model 200. It’s lightweight mobile design, unique center of axis and cutter head alignment enables it to produce unmatched crack following accuracy. There is no better way to effectively and efficiently create sealant crack reservoirs than with the Crafco Model 200 Pavement Cutter, the most popular Pavement Cutter throughout the world.
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E-Z Heater
E-Z Heater:

E-Z Heater: - heats pavement with efficient infrared heating panels, softening asphalt without damage and allowing for permanent repairs of distressed surfaces. It is ideal for repairing potholes, frost heaves, dips (bird baths) and utility cuts. The E-Z Heater is designed for year-round maintenance tasks and can be used in any temperature (even below zero) wet or dry. The unit is completely mobile and easy to use.
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BAX Marker Adhesion System:
BAX Marker Adhesion System:-The right choice for marker installation is the Crafco BAX Marker Adhesion System. Crafcos Marker Adhesive Systems includes both application equipment and adhesive.
  • BAX 600 - Heat and apply over 400 pounds of adhesive per hour with the rugged BAX 600. The BAX 600 is hydraulically powered featuring a patented low voltage heated hose.
  • BAX 250 - The BAX 250 will heat 250 pounds of adhesive per hour and applies 20 œshots per minute. A 10 foot heated hose and 24 wand allows maneuverability for efficient production. The BAX 250 is skid mounted.
  • BAX 100ES - The unique BAX 100ES features a œsingle-source power system incorporating a 6.5 kw generator. This unit is capable of heating 150 pounds of adhesive per hour after the initial 1.5 hour heat-up time. The total electric BAX 100ES is designed for low to medium volume work
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