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Road Markings


    • Waterborne Paint, High Build - The most durable high reflective waterborne system available today. Designed for thick application for long lasting road markings, enabling use of larger glass beads for improved reflectivity in wet conditions.

      Dura Sheen Paint - Semi-gloss Paint for car parks, container Depots and other off-road applications.

    • EP Series A high solids, high performance paint available in all ICAO approved colours, making it the ideal paint for airports worldwide. Ecologically sound and available in two sorts to suit varying climatic conditions.

      EP Airport Paint - A very durable, high build, fast drying traffic paint formulated specifically for airless equipment and conventional air atomized equipment for use in painting airport runways and taxiways.


EP Series Waterbase Fast Dry Paint - A user-friendly high solids, fast drying traffic paint formulated specifically for airless equipment and conventional air atomized equipment used in painting roadways, airports, parking lots and smaller lane line striping equipment with or without pressure applied glass beads. It offers all of the benefits of a water reducible paint, and quickly dries to a no track condition. This product meets the requirements of TT-P-1952D Types I & II & TT-P-1952B.

    • Solvent Based Paint- 987051 Acrylic Co-polymer - Produces a hard, clearly defined line with excellent abrasion resistance. Withstands climatic variations and is excellent in heavily trafficked areas with a fast drying time.

      ALKYD Fast Dry ICAO Compliant Airport Marking Paint  A fast drying, solvent based alkyd traffic paint for marking airport runways, taxiways and aprons. It is suitable for application on bituminous and concrete pavements. A 380 micron (.38 mm) application can be applied with airless or conventional spray equipment. This product meets or exceeds specification TTP-115F Type I and TT-P-85E. Available in white, yellow, red, blue and black according to the colour stipulations of the International Civil Aviation Authority. Filled in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

  • Low VOC - Recommended where ecological considerations are important but water-based paint is not selected.
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Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA)

    • Zebrabright - A cost effective high performance road marking utilising Clusterbead technology, high index beads and an MMA, two component acrylic road marking material. It is specifically designed to provide early and clear visibility of zebra crossings and other line markings in poor visibility conditions, positively influencing driving behaviour and reducing accidents.

  • Nitesite (Cold applied MMA) - A two component Methyl-Methacrylate road marking product, that is highly durable and is suitable for use in areas with high traffic wear such as mini-roundabouts, box junctions, give-way lines and heavily trafficked roads. The product is supplied in a screed grade called Roadline M6 and an agglomerate grade called Nitesite. The Nitesite provides very good wet night visibility and both products comply to BSEN1436.

Crystalex - A reflectorised thermoplastic extrusion or screed road-marking product designed and developed to comply with the individual international specifications for use on all national highways and mandatory markings throughout the world.

Crystalex 140TA  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking (reflectorised) White colour.

Crystalex 140TY  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking (reflectorised) Yellow colour.

Crystalex 140TZ Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking (reflectorised) Red colour .

Crystalex 140TY ICAO  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking - ICAO requirement.

Sprayplastic - A reflectorised or non-reflectorised spray applied thermoplastic manufactured and developed to comply with individual international specifications. Spray plastic is used for high output and recovery of existing road markings and in areas with least impact on disruption to the road users. Minimum traffic management is required during installation.

Sprayplastic 134TC  Hot applied road marking tropical reflectorised  White colour

Sprayplastic 134TY  Hot applied road marking tropical reflectorised  Yellow colour

Sprayplastic 134TY ICAO  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking - ICAO requirement.

Sprayplastic 131VB  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking - White  AASHTO.

Sprayplastic 131VY  Tropical grade thermoplastic road marking - Yellow - AASHTO.

Vibraline - An award winning reflectorised profiled thermoplastic material providing good night visibility as well as an audible warning on high speed motorways; a proven safety measure to protect motorists if they stray onto the edges of the carriageway.

Guidemaster - A non-reflectorised thermoplastic extrusion or screed road marking product used for applications that do not require any night-time reflectivity.

Lifeline - A high performance spray and extruded thermoplastic fully conforming to the performance levels of European specification BSEN1436 designed for use on all national roads and mandatory markings.

Rainline - A specialist profiled and reflectorised thermoplastic road marking product, maximising wet night visibility performance. The thermoplastic is applied by an extrusion or screed technique and immediately embossed to create a continuous pattern of inverted profiles on the road surface, channelling water away from the marking & ensuring the line is visible above surface water.

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Preformed Thermoplastic

  • Flexiline - A preformed thermoplastic road marking available in a wide range of colours. Uses include lines, letters, numbers, symbols, corporate logos and playground markings. Easy installation with a gas torch and ideal for utility reinstatements of the road surface.
Revolutionary temporary road marking

  • Paintmark is a unique, revolutionary road marking product. It is applied without heat or heavy machinery, can be trafficked immediately, is highly durable and is removed quickly, without any damage to the road surface. Paintmark is made up of three core components. The trafficked surface of the product is a highly durable Ennis Flint waterborne traffic paint, called High Build (for further information on High Build, see the Ennis Flint Road Marking products brochure). The product sticks to the road surface using a natural bitumen with excellent adhesion qualities. Between the paint and the bitumen is a specially developed, high strength fabric, bonding the two together. High index glass beads can also be included in the paint layer to provide appropriate levels of retro-reflectivity.
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