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High Friction Surfacing
Hot Applied Systems

Hot Applied Systems Hot Applied Systems are quick to install, so the treated routes can be opened up to traffic within a few hours.
  • Zebragrip - Suitable for medium to heavily trafficked areas, such as sharp bends, approaches to roundabouts, junctions and other similar hazards.
  • Textureflex - Coloured surfacing for light/medium trafficked sites, such as cycle routes, speed roundels or mini roundabouts.
  • Zebraflex Type 1 - Suitable for high stress, high traffic areas. BBA HAPAS Type 1 certified
  • Cycletrack - Superior ride quality and long term colour stability.
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Cold Applied Systems

Cold Applied Systems are versatile and highly durable traffic safety solutions for use on any type of road. The materials are suitable for heavy trafficked areas and are available in a variety of colours.
  • Tyregrip - A high friction, hardwearing, and pigmented surface treatment available in a wide range of colours. This is a high performance premium product delivering outstanding grip to traffic. BBA HAPAS Type 1 certified.
  • Suregrip - Ideal for high trafficked, high stress applications such as motorway slip and busy junctions. BBA Hapas Type 1 certified.
  • Bustrack TG - A coloured epoxy based treatment developed specifically for bus priority schemes.
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