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Coloured & Decorative Surfacing

Imprint - is a hot applied resin based compound, which when hot, is imprinted by a mould to create the pattern chosen by the specifier. Imprint, laid 15mm thick, can be applied to existing surfaces and with a curing time of less than one hour, means minimal traffic disruption. Imprint provides the aesthetic appeal of block paving whilst being far more durable. The product is available in a range of colours and patterns, and is virtually maintenance free.
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Stonegrip is a specialist, hand applied surface treatment, consisting of a thermosetting, modified epoxy resin binder, dressed with a decorative aggregate. A wide range of aggregates are available comprising of different colours and sizes. The binder and/or aggregate can also be pigmented. The end result provides an attractive, well textured surface, having good slip resistance properties. The system can be applied to a range of surfaces including asphalt, macadam and concrete providing the concrete has been suitably primed.
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