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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. Factory, Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
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Concrete Repair & Reinforcement
Carbon Fibre Laminates

  • Carbostrip Adhesive - is a two-component, solvent free, high quality, thixotropic epoxy adhesive for carbon fibre laminates or steel plates.

  • Carbostrip UNI is a unidirectional laminate with all the fibres oriented in the longitudinal direction for the structural strengthening of concrete, wood and steel.
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Carbon Fibre Textile

  • Carbontex Impreg is a two component solvent free epoxy resin for the impregnation of carbon, aramid and glass fibre textiles.

  • Carbotex UD Carbon Fibre Textile is a unidirectional carbon fibre tape for easy hand lamination (dry or wet lay up method) used to reinforce concrete structures for shear strength.
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