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Prismo Thormajoint

Thormajoint® is the proven bridge expansion joint, the first choice for bridge engineers seeking effectiveness, economy and reliability. Ennis-Flint's bituminous bridge expansion joints have been developed to provide a reliable, weather resistant joint that is practically indistinguishable from the road surface.

Our bridge joint systems are suitable for practically all climates and conditions, from -30 up to +60 tropical of binder to meet all climatic conditions. Based on more than 20 years experience, there is no other bridge expansion joint that can beat Prismo® temperatures. With over 1 million linear metres installed in over 50 countries throughout the world, in conditions from arctic to tropical, Prismo® Thormajoint® is engineered for use across all or part of the road deck – including verges and hard shoulders.

Ennis-Flint® has developed several grades Thormajoint® for effectiveness, economy and reliability.
A special combination of an elastomer modified BJ200 binder and carefully selected single size BJ stone, provide a strength and flexibility that can accommodate horizontal movements up to +/-25mm.


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