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Saad H. Abukhadra & Co. Factory, Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
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International Chem Crete

Chem-Crete Company was founded in 1969 in Dallas, Texas as a company dedicated to the vision of becoming the industry leader in the manufacturer of a permanent, environmental safe, user friendly and economical liquid waterproofing materials for the concrete industry. Building off that success story, Chem-Crete changed its name to International Chem-Crete Corporation in 1987 and continued expanding its operations to become a World-Wide leader in the technological field of advanced waterproofing, protective chemicals and other products used within the construction trades. International Chem-Crete currently exports its products to over 65 countries.

International Chem-Crete is continuing as the world leader in the development of green technology products which are environmentally safer and have superior performance compared to other products based on older and environmentally detrimental technologies. International Chem-Crete has developed and continues to improve upon over 200 high performance products that exceed the toughest engineering and environmental standards within the construction industry of today.

International Chem-Crete has made a covenant to our World-Wide customer base never to be satisfied with the current technologies available as the ultimate answer to their various substrate protection requirements. International Chem-Crete believes continued research assures the continued evolution and innovative improvements of its products are the only true protection against complacency, obsolescence and customer dissatisfaction.

International Chem-Cretes advanced products are ready for the 21st century, and continue to create new products and systems needed for the innovative techniques demanded and required by the international construction industry.

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