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Sealant - Patching Products - Adhesives

Crafco Pavement Preservation Sealants are formulated to perform in a wide range of climatic conditions. All sealant specifications meet and exceed Federal and State recommendations. Crafco produces Roadsaver, Parking Lot Sealant, PolyFlex Sealant, PolyPatch, TechCrete, Loop Detector Sealant, Pavement Joint Adhesive, Super Flex Sealant and custom specified sealant.

Crafco Certified Sealants are products by which the performance of the product has been proven by a recognized, non-biased, independent entity verifying the performance levels, and providing the documentation of the performance.


Crafco offers up to 100 sealant types for a wide range of application in all climatic conditions and temperatures.
To make selection easy for your particular application use, please see "SEALANT SELECTION GUIDE".

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RaadSaver Silicone Sealants

RoadSaver Silicone Sealants are uniquely formulated low modulus sealants produced for sealing joints in portland cement concrete pavements. The sealants are supplied as single component moisture curing materials which provide lasting weather resistant flexible seals. The sealants are supplied in both non sag (NS Part No. 34902) and self leveling (SL-34903) application consistencies.

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Polyflex3 Sealant

PolyFlex3 Sealant is a single component, hot-applied, elastically modified asphalt composition, which is specifically produced as an economical yet effective pavement maintenance sealing material for use in cracks and joints in asphalt or Portland cement concrete pavements. As compared to sealants based on ground reclaimed rubber. PolyFlex Type 3 Sealant offers lower viscosity for easier application, improved summer temperature flow resistance, quicker set up time and improved low temperature flexibility. PolyFlex Type 3 is suited for use in hot climates, which commonly experience summer temperatures in excess of 105F (40C), and seldom experience winter temperatures below 30F (-1C).

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Polypatch has been specifically designed for cracks too large for crack sealing and distressed surfaces that are too small for re-paving. It is a versatile hot-applied, pourable, self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt binder containing selected aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics .Available in several grades for various applications, PolyPatch is effectively used to level high manhole risers, drop inlets, bridge deck approaches, elevation discrepancies, utility cuts and more PolyPatch is a lightweight homogeneous blended product packaged in three gallon containers. For detailed product properties refer to the Crafco PolyPatch Product Data Sheet and Application Instructions or call your local Crafco Distributor

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Techcrete is the long-term solution for distressed concrete pavement preservation. Spalled concrete caused by fatigue, freeze/thaw cycles, warping stress, ingress of water, or substrate problems can lead to costly reconstruction. Crafco TechCrete is a proven hot pour superior repair solution different from conventional rigid repair methods. Due to its flexibility, high tensile strength, ability to bridge joints and high compressive resistance, TechCrete creates a long lasting concrete repair. Conventional rigid cement repairs such as epoxy or fast curing cementitious products often fail due to de-bonding, fatigue, and differential expansion characteristics , all resulting in additional cracking and the need for repeated repairs . These methods of repair have not only proven to be expensive but also short term. Once in place Crafco TechCrete will move with the pavement and will not de-bond or crack. TechCrete repair system has excellent adhesion and has a high friction surface ideally suited for Thin Bond Repair (TBR), multi corner slab repair, joint intersection repairs and recessed applications. Repairs with Crafco TechCrete can be opened up to traffic within as little as one hour. TechCrete is the most advanced concrete fix available and is ideal for highway and airport pavement repair. With Crafco TechCrete it's a one-time fix.

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The Crafco QWIKSTIX is a fast and easy way to adhere pavement markers or do small crack repairs. The only tool required is a small torch. Peel back the self release cardboard box and melt just enough to do the job. Single markers or touch up to a crack sealing project are ideal for the QWIKSTIX. QWIKSTIX work equally well on AC or PCCP pavements.
Use the Crafco QWIKDOTS system to adhere sign posts, rumble strips, speed bumps, parking bumpers, temporary signs or most anything else to both concrete and asphalt pavements. Crafco QWIKDOTS are pressure sensitive peel and stick modified asphalt adhesive pads.
QWIKSEAL is a peel and stick, modified asphalt compound ideal for sealing cracks, seams around pavement patches and concrete joints. Applying QWIKSEAL is as simple as blowing the pavement making sure the surface is clean and dry, unrolling QWIKSEAL and applying it to the surface. Warm the edges to assure a long lasting bond. Properly installed, QWIKSEAL prevents water intrusion and the deterioration it causes to the pavement. QWIKSEAL is compounded to perform in a wide range of climates and conditions.

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