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Chem-Joint 35
Chem-Joint 35 is a two-component, solvent free 100% solid, ready-to-use epoxy joint sealant system.

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Chem-Crete CCC-D200-1
Chem-Crete CCC-D200-1 joint sealant is a two component, cold applied, self-leveling, jet fuel resistant modified polyurethane based joint sealant, which cures to soft, flexible tear-resistant rubber. Chem-Crete CCC-D200-1 is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of compression or elongation. CCC-D200-1 is a petroleum process oil extended product.
Chem-Crete CCC-D200-1 joint sealant conforms to Federal Specification SS-S200D, manufactured to comply with British Standard BS5212, Table-1, Type-F.

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D200-1 PRIMER VOC is a single component, moisture cured, solvent-borne, VOC compliant Polyurethane Primer for concrete and wood surfaces.

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Chem-Seal 777-1
Chem-Seal 777-1 is a hot-applied elastomeric joint sealant which is well proven and offers outstanding service performance.It has been used for many years in locations subject to vehicular traffic, jet fuel spillage and jetblast, and has exhibited excellent resistance to extreme climatic conditions.
Chem-Seal 777-1 complies with the following standards:
ASTM D3569-85, D3406-85
BS 2499 1973 Types A1 and B1
US Federal Spec. SS-S-1614,167b,1401b,164
Dtp Specification for Highway works clause 1016
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Chem-Joint Mortar
Chem-Joint Mortar is a synthetic flexible system that hardens at ambient temperature whose basic binding agent is epoxy with special compatible liquid tar and elastomer additives. It is a 3-component system: Resin, hardener and quartz fillers of special granulometry. Chem-Joint Mortar has optimum mechanical properties, resistance to chemical aggression, dielectric properties and outstanding elasticity.
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Chem-Joint Primer
Chem-Joint Primer is a synthetic epoxy based, two part cross-linking product at ambient temperature, free of solvents, plasticizers and inert loading. After complete curing, the product shows high mechanical strength, optimal adhesive power, and resistance to water, saline solutions, mineral oils and gasoline.
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Chem-Seal 500 Joint Sealant
Chem-Seal 500 Joint Sealant is a two component LP liquid Polysulfide polymer based joint sealant, which when mixed and applied, cures to form a tough, rubber-like seal with good weather, chemical and mechanical resistance properties.
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Chem-Seal Primer
Chem-Seal Primer is a two-component transparent epoxy based clear primer with glossy appearance for porous substrates.
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